Register your interest in the iPhone SE on Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile

Smaller phone costs less but doesn't skimp on hardware

It seems that Malaysian telcos are already gearing up to add the iPhone SE to their device lineups. Which means we might get the phone sooner than later, considering that Singapore is already getting the phone end of March.

What’s interesting is that all four: DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile have confirmed they’ll be getting the iPhone unlike the coy/last minute-ness when it came to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Perhaps it’s because of all the phone models, Apple’s iPhones are always guaranteed to see high demand and quite a bit of hysteria when it comes to preorder events.

Maxis and DiGi are pretty straightforward with their registration of interest (ROI) forms already up on their respective websites. Celcom on the other hand just confirmed a few hours ago on Facebook that the iPhone SE would be coming to the network.

It’s likely Maxis will probably add the phone to its Zerolution plan, but Celcom will keep the NewPhone plan Android-only especially as it likely will want to help move current stocks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. As for DiGi, the company will probably play it safe as it usually does with the iPhone, offering decent device prices in exchange for contract lock-ins.

For U Mobile, the question is whether the new iPhone SE will be available on its UPackage ownership plan for iPhones has been answered on the page itself. Its ROI page has questions asking customers whether they’re keen to get the phone on microcredit or via the UPackage.

All signs point to the iPhone SE being out within the next two months so now iPhone users will have to ask themselves: do they want a smaller, (slightly) cheaper iPhone or can they wait just a few more months for the iPhone 7? Why not brush up on 11 things you need to know about the iPhone SE?

Here's the links for you to register your interest in getting the phone from your respective telco:MaxisDiGiU Mobile