Razer Turret for the Xbox One Takes Keyboard and Mouse Off Your Desk

Breaking the barrier between console and PC gaming

As teased in December 2018, Razer has announced the Turret for Xbox one - a Xbox One compatible keyboard and mouse combo that’s designed to be comfortably used on your couch.

The Turret is a simple metal slab with Razer’s mechanical keyboard and full Chroma RGB lighting - the mousepad is on a sliding tray that is pulled out from the right side of the keyboard. The mousepad itself is magnetic but the strength of the magnetism is split into two parts - on the outer edge, the magnets are strong enough to hold the mouse in place while the rest of it isn’t as strong but still give the much needed resistance to slippage.


The Turret keyboard is charge through USB-C; the mouse on the other hand is stuck with micro-USB. It is possible to charge the mouse through the keyboard but it’s strangely through a Mini-Display Port to micro-USB dongle. Good thing charging doesn’t have to be often - as reported by Engadget, the Razer Turret can long 11 hours with full Chroma RGB and up to 40 hours with it off; the mouse can last 30 hours.

A final note on the keyboard, the Razer Turret has the “Xbox” key where the “Windows” key that act the same as the one on the controller.


The Razer Turret already has a list of games that is officially integrated with keyboard and mouse support including the upcoming Gears of War 5, Fortnite and Warframe. You can find the full list of games here.

The Razer Turret for Xbox One is available for pre-order for the US at $249.99 (~MYR1024) so we’ll keep you to speed for the local availability and pricing when the time comes.