Oppo R7 Plus and R7 Lite officially released in Malaysia

More phones from Oppo though the competition locally is already pretty strong

After a long wait, it is finally official that not only the Oppo R7 Plus will be coming to Malaysian shores, but so is the Oppo R7 Lite.

Both the R7 Lite and the R7 Plus look similar in terms of design, in the chassis design and down to the curved screen. Their similarity doesn’t end there, as both are fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, a 13MP rear shooter, 8MP front shooter and both also come installed with the ColorOS 2.1 on top of the original Android 5.1 OS.

Ok, now here is where the similarity ends, as the R7 Plus is fitted with a 6-inch full HD AMOLED display while the R7 Lite is fitted with a 5-inch HD AMOLED display. The R7 Plus has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity, double what is found on the R7 Lite. Another thing that the Plus also has is a fingerprint sensor which the Lite version does not.

Battery-wise the R7 Plus has a much bigger 4,100mAh battery while the R7 Lite's battery clocks in at 2,320mAh. Both are fast-charging but the Lite uses a generic fast charging system while the Plus uses Oppo’s own VOOC Flash Charge system. Both support dual-SIM but only the Lite supports both nano and microSIMs whereas the Plus only supports nano SIM.

The devices are now available for pre-order at Oppo Concept Stores and their 100 dealers nationwide. The Oppo R7 Plus will set you back at RM 1,998 while the R7 Lite will be a cheaper RM 1,298. Expect shipping sometime in August.

[source : LowYat]