Leaked Phone Concept Patent From OPPO Is Literally Two Phones In One

Like a smartphone giving birth.

The smartphone game has been more and more saturated as time goes on. Eventually everyone is going to use a Qualcomm processor, have 3 camera setups, and Gorilla glass right out of the gate. To truly be unique, a smartphone needs to stand out, and pop out. Literally.

Based on a patent uncovered by LetsGoDigital, Oppo is planning to release a new smartphone that will have either a pop-up slider or a side slider display. With the former having a tiny screen jutting out from the top of the phone, while the latter will have another screen of roughly the same size slide from the side of the phone - it basically looks like two phones playing peekaboo with each other. While folding smartphones are primed to be the next big thing, it seems that this new sliding design is one way to buck the trend.

Oppo themselves revolutionised the advent of pop-up cameras with the Oppo Find X, proving that notchless designs can work. The patent doesn’t mention whether these secondary screens will actually house cameras as well, though it mostly looks to be a way to expand the screen’s capabilities, while not radically changing the shape of a conventional smartphone.

Overall, only time will tell on what these designs will eventually become, though some are saying this will be the design for the upcoming Oppo Reno. More info can be found on LetsGoDigital’s original article on the patent, which also includes scans of the patent itself and extra details.