OPPO Buys Over 500 Patents From Intel And Ericsson

The patents pertain to cellular mobile communications technology.

The next major innovation in smartphone technology has to be 5G, with every company from Apple to Samsung getting ready for its eventual release. OPPO also has some major stakes in this sector, and is definitely taking some strides in the race to make the best 5G smartphone by buying a number of patents from fellow tech companies.

OPPO recently signed a patent transfer agreement with Intel involving the transfer of 58 patents in areas related to cellular mobile communications technology. Additionally, OPPO has purchased the rights to over 500 patents from Ericsson, covering countries and regions including the US, Europe, China and India. The company states that securing communications patents from Intel and Ericsson will serve to bolster OPPO’s technological development capacity as the company grows its business in global markets.

OPPO has invested heavily in cutting-edge communications technologies like 5G. As of 2019, OPPO has deployed 5G patents in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Being one of the leading contributors in the development of 5G standard, the company has filed more than 2,200 global patent families applications related to 5G technology. As of July 2019, OPPO had disclosed over 600 patent families to The European Telecommunications Standards Institute, further underscoring OPPO’s strong standing in the 5G patent space.


We’ll probably see the fruits of OPPO’s labour as the year goes by and 5G becomes the industry standard. So far, we won’t know the specifics of these patents just yet, until OPPO uses them on one of their smartphones.