One:Unbreakable Warriors MMA rumble happening 2 September

Star-filled roster will be a good draw for MMA fans

MMA fans will have a lot to look forward with the One:Unbreakable Warriors championship happening at Stadium Negara on 2 Sept.

A highlight of the competition will be a bout between Malaysian fighter Ev "ET" Ting and Australia's "Ruthless" Rob Lisiita. While both fighters have been fighting in the featherweight competition, for this bout they're going up a level. Ting is currently based in New Zealand, but is considered a rising star of the Malaysian MMA scene.

Lisita, who has been competing in the featherweight division since 2012 is keen to break this current three-fight losing streak.

Besides the matchup between the two fierce featherweights, there'll also be other Malaysian MMA stars to look forward to: Ann "Athena" Osman, Peter Davis and Agilan "Alligator" Thani. Also in the lineup is Gianni as well as Keanu Subba.

The championship is also being sponsored by Tune Talk and Universal Music Group, with performances from Malaysian artists Faizal Tahir and Ella. Tickets start from RM68 for Bronze level seating up to RM388 for cageside seats. Purchasing tickets early (15-25 Aug) will get you a 15 per cent discount. Tickets can be bought online or at the outlets listed here.

MMA fans will probably be very familiar with the One Championship, a mixed martial arts organisation that has held various tournaments across Asia. For more details on other matches happening soon, check out the official One Championship website.