A Number Of Huawei P30 Pro Units Are Failing SafetyNet

Here's why that's a big deal

Huawei could use a break from the whole Google fiasco, but alas, even if it's not from the Huawei Mate 30 series, there's still trouble brewing with their other devices. A number of Huawei P30 pro users have reported issues with running Google Pay on their devices in the past week. It turns out that the Huawei P30 pro has been failing SafetyNet, the Google service that checks whether a device runs genuine, certified software.

For those unaware, if your phone fails SafetyNet, you won't be able to run Netflix, Google Pay, or other apps that use the service. According to Android Authority, the issues were first spotted by UK-based developer Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo who pointed out that his “unmodified” Huawei P30 Pro had previously passed SafetyNet without issues and was thus capable of running Google Pay (or any other apps that uses SafetyNet to assess software integrity) but had failed recently. Several other P30 Pro users also reported similar experiences on Twitter though many have claimed to have no problems whatsoever, even if they were running the exact same software version as O’Brien.

Huawei is aware of this and have stated that the issue should only affect phones running the Android 10-based EMUI 10 beta software, which has been available since August. The issue affects only a small number of beta testers, the company said. More specifically, the issue appears mainly from Google's side and Huawei has rectified the issue. 

But will this affect those who have not updated or are not using the beta versions? Huawei insists that this only affects phones running EMUI 10 beta software and didn't find any problems for P30 Pro phones running EMUI 9.X.

If you have a Huawei P30 Pro and you’re concerned about this issue, you can easily check if the device is affected by running the SafetyNet Test app from the Play Store. If the app returns a “failed” result, it means you won’t be able to run Google Pay on it – or Netflix, or any other app that uses SafetyNet to check software integrity for the matter. You can try rebooting or factory resetting your device. If you run the Android-based EMUI 10 beta, you can also try reverting back to EMUI 9.1.

On the bright side, this issue should be resolved soon enough. Huawei said EMUI 10 on the P30 Pro has already been certified by Google, as it has obtained partial relief from US restrictions, so now it’s a matter of waiting for the stable update to begin rolling out.