Nintendo's Switch could cost around RM1200

New console to cost a little more than a 3DS, but less than a PlayStation

Nikkei, a good source for Nintendo leaks, has just revealed what might be the price of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. 

Fairly competitive

Nikkei has a good track record when it comes to revealing early details of Nintendo's console and its latest on the Nintendo Switch is that it might not be too expensive - think ¥25000 (RM953). That would be in the range of the Nintendo DS and fairly competitive.

Still, it is more likely the new gaming machine would cost nearer to US$250 (RM1120), still in the range of the Nintendo DS handhelds.

The challenge Nintendo has is to keep the prices competitively enough as Sony's Playstation now offers some attractive game bundles and has lowered its pricing for older consoles. Sony is probably Nintendo's biggest competition compared to Microsoft's Xbox.

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[Source: Engadget]