Nintendo could be be removing region lock for next console

Finally, one marketplace for all Nintendo games

Nintendo has always been an advocate on mandatory region locking, which only allows software to run on hardware sold in the same region only.  That could change as the company’s president Satoru Iwata stated that they are currently looking at the possible problems when the region lock is removed.

Before you get too excited, this statement is directed at the "NX", their next-gen console which was officially announced in March. Iwata also stated that removing region locks on the existing consoles may present various issues, so the possibility of existing consoles being unlocked regionally is low.

Currently the company is considering whether a region lock is worth maintaining for the future. To assist in their decision making, Nintendo has been avidly listening to customer feedback and proposals from the market which includes over 35,000 signatures, as well as feedbacks coming from Twitter messages, Facebook posts and more.

Currently, Nintendo is the only hardware manufacturer that uses region lock, although some software developers have imposed their own variant. Let's see how it pans out for Nintendo.

[Source: ArsTechnica]