This new WhatsApp feature will save you from data bankruptcy

Saving data on calls and marking messages as unread are just samples of what the latest Android update has to offer

Making calls on WhatsApp can consume a lot of data without you even realising it. And now WhatsApp has introduced a solution for that on its Android app, alongside a few other tweaks you’ll find infinitely useful.

Save data on calls

When you call people via WhatsApp, you are using data and not your mobile minutes. For most of us with a limited data ration every month, it’s not ideal. WhatsApp has a partial solution for you. Just go to Settings, tap on Chats and Calls, and scroll down all the way until you see Call settings. Enable Low data usage to decrease the amount of data used during a WhatsApp call.

Hopefully this stops you from busting your data cap every month.

Mark as unread

This gives users a visual reminder of chats they might not have replied to. All you have to do is tap and hold on a certain chat, then choose the Mark as unread option right at the bottom, and a green dot will appear on that chat as a marker. All this happens outside of the chat, so whoever you are chatting to has no clue that they’ve been marked.

Do the same to unmark once you’re done replying.

Custom notifications

You can now identify who is talking to you on WhatsApp without even looking at WhatsApp with custom notifications. Go to the chat that you want to attach a custom notification to, tap on the name, and under Notifications, tap on Custom Notifications. Enable Use custom notifications and choose the type of tone, light, vibration length, and even pop-up notifications. Just make sure you remember which notification belongs to whom.