Netflix Might Add Immersive Vibrations When You Watch On Your Phone

Perfect for when you’re watching Sex Education.

Immersion is something we all want to experience when consuming the media we love. That’s why you have 3D movies in the cinemas, and full-on 4D experiences in theme parks. But what about the smallest of screens, the smartphone? Shouldn’t we get that same amount of immersion too? Well, it seems like Netflix is considering it.

Netflix’s Hack Day allows for budding programmers to try to “hack” Netflix” and add new features to the core Netflix app. Previous Hack Days have seen the experimentation of navigating the app using facial tracking, which is perfect for those with limited motor skills. This year’s Hack Day seems to have a clear winner with “Project Rumble Pak”


Named after the attachment for the Nintendo 64 that added controller vibrations, the project looks to add a feature that all smartphones have into the viewing experience: haptic feedback. Basically, this will add vibrations to key moments of a TV show, like during an explosion or a fight scene. The Netflix show they used as an example was Voltron: Legendary Defender, which features a lot of action scenes that will be perfect with this feature.


Overall, it is not confirmed whether this will actually be implemented into the core Netflix app, though it would be an interesting addition. Maybe they’ll actually add this to the console versions of Netflix, which seems to be a more obvious inclusion.