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This is the new Apple Pencil Pro for iPad, with major new features

The Apple Pencil Pro would be the first "pro" stylus, with added features like squeeze gestures and an eraser

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Apple is holding its “Let Loose” launch event today (7 May), where we expect to see new iPad releases and a refreshed Apple Pencil. But it looks like the stylus reveal is going to be a bigger deal than we first thought. And Apple has released a brand new Apple Pencil Pro model, with this big feature headlining the accessory.

The headlining new feature for this stylus is a “squeeze” gesture for certain actions. There’s a new sensor inside to detect these squeezes, just like on the stems of AirPods Pro. It’ll deliver feedback thanks to haptics, and lets you bring up menus. A new gyroscope will let you roll the Pencil for more control.

Everything is now completely wire-free. It pairs, stores, and charges magnetically on the side of the new iPad Pro. It also now supports Find My, in case you lose it. Developers can even create custom interactions, giving users even more options. It works on both the iPad Air and iPad Pro from 2024.

Previously, the line-up of styluses for Apple’s tablet was pretty confusing. It comprised of Apple Pencil (1st generation), Apple Pencil (2nd generation), and Apple Pencil (USB-C). Thank god for brackets, eh? Obviously, you buy Apple Pencil (USB-C) for your USB-C iPad. Except, no. Because USB-C denotes the Apple Pencil itself has a (hidden) USB-C port. Unlike the 1st-gen (Lightning) and the 2nd-gen (wireless). We compared all the Apple Pencil options in a guide.

It starts at just $129/£129, and is available to order today. It’ll begin shipping out next week. Note that the Apple Pencil options have been culled to just two picks for the new iPad Air and Pro – they don’t support the older models. This new stylus also isn’t compatible with older iPad models.

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