Moment announces new iPhone X cases, lenses

New gear that will help you make the most of your iPhone X photography

Moment's just announced new accessories for the iPhone X including two new cases and special lenses.

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Moment is known for its sturdy, photography-optimised kit that's available not just for the iPhone but selected Android models such as Samsung's flagship phones and Google's Pixels.

This time around, it's released a new Photo Case for Apple's latest addition, made from a thin yet sturdy rubberised body. This comes in two finishes: black canvas and wood, both attractive without hindering your photography with any unnecessary bits. And for added safety (because we all know how many Xs and hearts have been broken since the phone's launch), an interface at the bottom of the case allows you to attach a strap.

In prototype mode is Moment's Battery Photo Case, an iPhone X exclusive for now, which will house wireless charging capabilities as well as a spare battery.

Several new editions of the brand's lenses are also available, including telephoto, wide, macro and superfish options.

While the lenses are already on sale, you can preorder the Photo Case. The Battery Photo Case, meanwhile, is still in development. Pricing is $29.99 (RM125) for the Photo Case, $89.99 (RM375) for the macro and superfish lenses, and $99.99 (RM417) for the tele and wide lenses as well as the Battery Photo Case.

[Source: Moment]