Microsoft Surface AIO looks confirmed, thanks to latest photo leaks

UPDATE: A new Surface Bluetooth keyboard spotted

Expect a new Microsoft Surface AIO next month, if sources are correct.

No new Surface Book (yet)

Anticipation is mounting for the new Microsoft Hardware launch happening some time in late October, the highlight being a Surface-branded AIO.

Running Windows 10 (of course) the desktop could have three screen sizes to choose from: 21in, 24in and 27in.

It might have a more consumer-friendly version of Microsoft's Surface Hub, also incorporating the Perceptive Pixel screen tech that's been a highlight of Surface Hub.

As for the Surface tablets, there might be a processor upgrade and some minor tweaks here and there. If you've been holding out for a new Surface Book or Surface Pro machine, you might have to wait until 2017. There's likely not going to be an appearance by the Surface Phone either, if that hasn't been shelved by Microsoft.

What might also happen is that Microsoft will highlight devices created by OEM partners, not just its own brands. Considering the new line of Surface-like machines that popped up recently, that could be a smorgasbord for consumers looking to buy higher-end tablet hybrids.

UPDATE: Windows Central just sourced a photo that looks like a promo for the new AIO, which looks like an updated version of the Designer Bluetooth Desktop Kit that was launched last year.

Besides a Surface-branded keyboard, it seems the new AIO will also have a Surface mouse that will accompany the new Surface PC.

Apart from that, Microsoft also applied for a patent for a "modular computing device" that would have a pen, touch, rechargeable battery, voice and stackable components.

The modular aspect seems particularly interesting, which points to the device being one for the living room and not another portable Surface. Apparently Microsoft has also settled for just one screen size, a 27in display that could have a resolution as high as 4K.

[Source: ZDNet]