Maxis One and shared users get 1GB free data for 4 months

Maxis is currently offering more free data to its users by giving out 1GB of data for four months to all Maxis ONE plan subscribers and its shared users.

Maxis ONE plan 98, Maxis ONE plan 128, Maxis ONE plan 158, Maxis ONE plan 188, and even Maxis ONE share are elgible for the free monthly data and the promo is from Oct 1 to November 30. So all you need to do to get the 1GB data is to just subscribe to any of the plans that we just stated.

Every month for the next four months, the 1GB will be credited to your account automaticaly. The 1GB data cannot be carried forward to the following month and it follows your billing cycle. Maxis ONE Shared users each get 1GB, even the sub-lines but it cannot be shared.

Remember that the 1GB is for 4G LTE data therefore you will need to have a 4G enabled device, SIM and also be subscribed to 4G services.

[source : LowYat]