Maxis now lets you get an iPhone 7 with Zerolution

The option Maxis iPhone users have been waiting for

When the iPhone 7 first launched here, Maxis customers complained about not being able to purchase it via the Zerolution hire purchase plan.

That has now changed and if you're not keen on paying a large sum upfront, then Maxis might be a good option for you.

No iPhone 7 Plus?

One caveat is that only the iPhone 7 and not the iPhone 7 Plus is available. However all capacities are available and choosing Zerolution means there will be no upfront fee, just a monthly fee on top of your existing plan.

The Zerolution option is however only available for the Plan 128, Plan 158 and Plan 188. As to how much you will need to pay, here's a breakdown by plan and model:

iPhone 7 (32GB): RM116 (Plan 128), RM99 (Plan 158), RM80 (Plan 188)iPhone 7 (128GB): RM138 (Plan 128), RM121 (Plan 158), RM102 (Plan 188)iPhone 7 (256GB): RM160 (Plan 128), RM143 (Plan 158), RM124 (Plan 188)

You have the option to pay an extra RM20 per month to upgrade your phone each year as well as an additional RM23 monthly to protect your phone from accidental damage and theft.

Older iPhones such as the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE and 5S are also options under Zerolution.

Head on over to the official Maxis Zerolution website to check out the plans or make an order. This might be a limited time offer so you might not want to wait too long.