Maxis announces new Zerolution phone financing plans, includes Galaxy Note 5, Edge+

New plan lets you pay RM30 a month to get a new phone every 12 months

If you're the type to change your phone every year, Maxis has the plan for you. Its Zerolution plan allows you to buy a new phone with zero payment upfront. You either pay the set fee for a period of 24 months or pay an extra RM30 per month to reserve yourself a new phone once 12 months has passed.

There's a catch though - you need to return your initial phone and it has to be in good working condition. Otherwise you'll have to pay the remaining balance. The Zerolution plan also does not include a postpaid plan, that's extra. You also need to be an existing Maxis customer and you'll have to check with Maxis first to see if you're eligible. Port-in customers need to be with Maxis at least a month and bring in their latest postpaid bill to see if they qualify.

But in case you're a serial phone dropper, you can opt to pay RM15 a month for insurance that will cover you in case of accidental damage as well as theft. Basically you're paying RM360 a year to book yourself a new phone by the end of the year. Not exactly free but cheaper than outrightly buying a new one.

Right now the phones included under the Zerolution plans are Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, Galaxy A8, S6 Edge, S6, Vibe Shot, HTC One M9+ and the Galaxy A7.

The Zerolution installment for the Note 5 comes in at RM138 while the S6 Edge+ intallments are at RM158. These would include device protection and the RM30 phone upgrade option. If you drop those, the installment fee would be lower but you will be locked into a 24 month contract, though you can opt to buy yourself out by paying the remaining value of your phone.