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Is the delayed Nintendo Switch 2 good or bad news for gamers? I’m not quite sure

It's a little bit of both, really.

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We’re going to have to wait a little longer for the already long-awaited Switch 2. Recent reports have stated that Nintendo is delaying the release of the Switch 2 from late-2024 to Q1 2025. This will mean the new Ninty console is still released in the coming financial year, but gives game developers and Nintendo more time to iron out the finer details.

Nobody likes waiting, but a delayed Switch 2 done well is much better than a rushed product filled with bugs. We already know what we want to see with the Nintendo Switch 2, but Nintendo must also be quite conscious of not making the same mistakes it did with the Wii successor, the Wii U. Mistakes were made when it came to the Wii U. It had some underrated games, but the console failed to make quite the same impact as the Nintendo Wii. Gamers couldn’t quite grasp this clunky console, and developers were reluctant to release fresh titles on it. When it came to competing with the PlayStation and Xbox, the Wii U never stood a chance.

Nintendo Switch 2: future titles

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Given how Nintendo wouldn’t want to repeat the past, a delay is probably a wise move. What a delay means for existing Nintendo Switch owners though is a little more concerning. Nintendo would want its biggest titles kept for a Switch 2 release. If the Nintendo Switch 2 is being pushed back until Q1 2025, we likely wouldn’t expect a new Metroid or Pokémon title for at least a year.

As news of the delay broke, Nintendo shares fell nearly 6%. But stock prices aren’t the concern of mere gamers, who ultimately want to know if the Nintendo Switch 2 will be worth the wait. Wii U aside, Nintendo have a proven track record in building on their past successes. We’ve had all manner of Game Boy additions that repeatedly helped to innovate handheld gaming. And besides, with the Nintendo Switch still shifting plenty of units, Nintendo can afford to sit on their hands with this one.

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