Malaysia, this is how you get your Galaxy Note 5 from U Mobile

Cheaper price and upfront payment waiver for credit card holders

U Mobile is first among the telcos in revealing its Samsung Galaxy Note 5 plans and is offering the plain for a sizeable discount, albeit with some caveats.

The phone is priced at RM1299, RM1699 and RM1899 for the Ultimate Device Plan 135, 95 and 65 respectively. If you purchase the phones and sign up for the plan with a credit card and sign up for auto-debit deductions, then the upfront payment will be waived.

If you don't have a credit card, you'll have to pay either RM360 (UD 65), RM600 (UD 95) or RM960 (UD 135) upfront before you can take your phone home with you. The retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is RM2699 should you decide to purchase it without a plan from your nearest Samsung store. The phone will only be officially available on Sept 4, though the launch date is today.

For a full listing of call charges, visit the U Mobile Samsung Note 5 plan page. U Mobile hasn't mentioned whether it has plans for the Samsung S6 Edge+ with only plans for the S6 Edge available at press time.