Lost your keys? Smartphone? Motorola saves the day with this nifty little dongle

And the best bit? This device will only cost you US$25
Motorola’s new dongle finds your phone and your lost keys

You’ve never lost your smartphone or your set of keys before? Yeah, right. Everyone’s done that and to be honest, so have we. But Motorola’s planning on saving us from that first world problem with its latest gadget.

It looks just like a simple dongle the first time you set your eyes on it, but it does more than serve as a keychain on your set of keys. Named the Motorola Keylink, it basically straps on to your keys, and helps you find your phone if you've misplaced it.  Pick up the Keylink, give it a squeeze and it’ll make your Android or iOS device ring, but only from up to 100 feet (30m) away.

Alternatively, if you have trouble fishing out your keys from your massively huge bag, use your phone to open up a paired Motorola Connect app to activate an alarm from the Keylink which is hooked on to your set of keys.  

But if you lose both your phone and keys? There’s nothing much the Motorola Keylink can do for you since it’ll also mean you’ve lost the dongle too. 

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One device, many uses

Motorola’s new dongle finds your phone and your lost keys

On the bright side, it can also be set up to automatically unlock your phone when both the dongle and your smartphone are close to each other. We’re not exactly sure why you’ll need a separate device to do so when you can just do it with your fingers (there’s also the issue of security with that feature).

You’ll be able to purchase the Keylink from Motorola’s website for US$25 (RM84). Before you hop on the website, it’s worth noting that the device is already sold out.

Either way, we’re impressed with what Motorola’s been doing in its projects – it also recently made some cool flash tattoos that you can use to unlock your phone.

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[Source: TechCrunch]