LG to go all bendy with mass production of flexible OLED screens

Fancy a flexible phone that fits even the oddest pockets? That idea doesn't seem too far fetched for South Korean company LG
LG to go all bendy with mass production of flexible OLED screens

Rumours of the LG G Flex aren’t so much rumours anymore. Not if the South Korean company has kickstarted the production line to mass-produce the world's first bendable OLED displays.

How far can these flexible screens bend over for you? Why, up to a bend radius of about 700mm. You could theoretically strap the phone onto your wrist. Word of caution, don't mind those looks of ridicule when you answer a call by placing your wrist to the face.

These bendy screens are built from plastic subrates together with film-type encapsulation technology.  That means there's no breakable glass here to shatter your fragile heart if you drop the phone. The robust yet pretty thin display measures 0.44mm, so expect even thinner smartphones.

We’re likely to see the screen in the upcoming LG G Flex, rumoured to be launched in November. And let's not rule out a bumper crop of flexible mobile devices in next year's lineup.

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Source: LG