Lenovo looks to be planning 6.8-inch phablet

Leaked phablet will have a 3500mAh battery, but for its size the battery seems rather small

Lenovo has been pretty fierce in the mobile market recently and currently it looks to be introducing a big one to its product family: a  6.8-inch phablet.

The rumoured phone will be fitted with a 1.5GHz octa-core processor and a 3500mAh battery.

Apparently it will also come with a FullHD 324ppi density touch screen, a 13MP sensor for the main camera but limited to only taking 1080p video and a 5MP frontfacing camera.

The phablet, which goes by the name PB1-770N (for now) has a huge resemblance  to a supersized iPhone 6 Plus. Measurements are 186.6 x 96.6 x 7.7mm and although it seems wide but the thickness of the device makes up for it. The phablet weighs 230g, making it really light for a device its size but at the cost of battery size.

Certification has passed for this device so we should see Lenovo rolling these babies out in the coming weeks.

[source : GSM Arena]