This Intel Label On Laptops Guarantees Nine Hours Of Battery Life And More

All in the name of raising laptop manufacturing standards

Intel has been working on a branding effort that's aimed to help consumers choose the laptops that achieve a minimum set of requirements in terms of battery life and speed. As such, they've started putting labels on laptops that says “Engineered for mobile performance”. This means these laptops last nine hours on a charge, go from sleep to browsing the web in under two seconds, and perform just as quickly when unplugged.

The weird part is that Intel isn't even calling what they're doing a brand or a label; it's called a "visual identifier" so it's nothing like the popular "Intel Inside" branding like they used to have. In fact, it's not a sticker you would find on the laptop itself, which is a relief to those who like to keep their laptops sticker-free.

Instead these "visual identifiers" are placed on the promotional pictures of the laptops, in which these laptops must first need to pass a verification process with Intel’s engineers. It already has more than 100 partners on board.

Intel says it is creating this optional “visual identifier” so consumers can recognise these more modern laptops when they see them in physical and digital stores. Dell will use the “visual identifier” to help sell its new XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop that has just been launched and is available for MYR7149 (although the visual identifier is not available in Malaysia).

It’s a relatively good attempt to give consumers an easy way to know they’re buying a more modern laptop, even if it lacks the brand power of those earlier efforts. This is something closer to when Intel announced the consumer-friendly Project Athena initiative to hold manufacturers to a higher standard. 

Hopefully this will do better in raising the standards on laptop manufacturing and that these visual indicators do their job in helping consumers in their decision making progress.