Initiate: Google self-driving car project

Google's self-driving dreams speed ever onward towards reality

Google has announced that it will  begin testing real autonomous cars on public roads beginning today. You will be sure not to miss the cars if you do drive past one due to their odd little shape and design which Google has been testing since 2012.

If you are driving along Mountain View, New York be sure to look out for the modified Lexus RX450h and Toyota Prius cars and there will be a “safety driver” placed in each car. Eventually Google might remove the steering and other standard controls, which is their goal. This is a part of an ongoing project to make autonomous cars much safer than human drivers. Even Delphi Labs, an automotive equipment supplier in Mountain View, has been testing their own autonomous car technology.

The cars use an array of sensors and GPS which helps them pinpoint a route to the destination which will then guide the car along traffic safely. There is an onboard computer that processes the algorithm that responds to traffic and pedestrians.

[source : CNET