American Companies Can Resume Trading Huawei Components Next Month

The ban has been lifted... sort of

Huawei’s luck is finally turning around after the wave of restrictions and bans were  imposed on them by the United States of America earlier this year. Going from potentially losing their American market share and Android operating system, to slowly returning  back to normal , all thanks to U.S. officials changing their tune during the G20 Summit. Although, just partially.

Starting in August, special licenses for American companies to provide Huawei with components for their products will be given out. These licenses would require approvals, which should take about two to four weeks, according to Reuters. The same report also notes that this is a win-win situation for companies on both sides of the world, as about $70 billion that Huawei spends on buying components in 2018, $11 billion goes to U.S. firms like Qualcomm, Intel, and Micron Technology.

While this is a step in the right direction, Huawei is still not in the clear just yet as the company is still on the U.S government’s list of sanctioned companies. While a number of American companies get to continue their businesses with the advent of these special licenses, Huawei’s future in the U.S.A still remains unclear at this point.


Overall, at least we know that Huawei doesn’t have to backpedal on the quality of their smartphones due to these sanctions, which you can already see with the company clarifying what their Hongmeng OS is really for. Hopefully Huawei gets to reclaim their glory before the year ends.