Huawei Laptops Continue To Receive Support And Updates From Intel And Microsoft

It looks like Huawei laptops remain safe and secure for now

It turns out that even though Huawei is being affected by the trade wars, they're still receiving support and updates not only from the Android side (with its three months reprieve), but also from Microsoft and Intel.

This may come as no surprise but it's still important to consider. Almost everything related to Huawei remains in a limbo of uncertainty. While we know for sure that Huawei's relationship with Google/Android is on a three months reprieve, there's no knowing that would happen after those three months. And now at least it seems certain that though not much has been said about Intel and Microsoft's relationship with Huawei, we can at least be certain they're still giving Huawei updates and support.

In terms of Android, Huawei formally announced that its latest two generations of smartphones will get Android Q and other important updates. Meanwhile in terms of laptops, this week Microsoft and Intel are delivering their own update on the situation.

According to a statement on PCWorld, both companies confirmed that they will still be able to offer support to customers with Huawei laptops. Intel, for example, will offer UEFI/BIOS firmware updates that will patch potential security risks of its CPUs (such as exploits with Zombieload) as well as drivers for its platforms. Meanwhile Microsoft will naturally offer ongoing updates for its Windows operating system.

Despite the good news that ensures Huawei laptops getting much needed security updates, it does nothing to address whether Huawei can build new laptops and use Microsoft and Intel. It's likely that once the company has used up all its stock that it has from said companies, we won't be seeing any new Huawei laptops until we see the conclusion of the trade wars.