HTC to build its mobiles with optical zoom, and other news you might have missed

We review the news that was, over the past week at least
HTC to build its mobiles with optical zoom

We know a number of you have been too busy partying over the Good Friday / Easter break and might have missed some of the top news from last week. Here’s a glimpse of what slipped your view.

HTC smartphones will soon boast better zoom quality

HTC: optical zooms coming to smartphone cameras in 2015

Have you been dreaming of snapping DSLR quality shots on your mobile camera? Well, that future isn’t too far away. HTC is working on improving the zoom quality in its smartphone cameras, and aims to arm their future smartphones with optical zoom by 2015. If this feature is a success, it'll give us even less reasons to buy a DSLR camera.

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Nike bids adieu to its FuelBand

Say goodbye to Nike’s FuelBand

FuelBand lovers, we feel your pain. Nike will be ditching its wearable hardware plans, which includes the FuelBand, to make way for a new direction into fitness software. We’re definitely going to hear more about its fitness management systems incorporating with other vendors’ technologies. Say, for example, the long-rumoured iWatch?

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Pioneer shows off its Apple CarPlay-compatible receivers

Pioneer reveals Apple CarPlay-compatible receivers

Smartphone savvy in car systems are the in thing when it comes to automobile tech, and Pioneer is leading the way with Apple CarPlay-compatible receivers. Who needs to head to the party when you’ve got all the entertainment you need right in the comfort of your own car.

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Take prettier pictures with the Google standalone camera app

Google releases standalone camera app

Now you can finally ditch those awful camera apps that don't do justice to your photos. Google has released a standalone camera app that enables you to snap pictures in maximum resolution. But tough luck for some of you – it currently only works on phones and tablets running Android KitKat 4.4+, and is limited to certain countries. 

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Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo expected to be a hit

Samsung Gear 2 Neo review

To buy or not to buy Samsung’s budget wearable tech, the Gear 2 Neo? Considering it’s the cheapest Samsung smartwatch in the market and does 99 per cent of what the other smartwatches in the market actually do, perhaps you should. Read the review to see if you should jump on the smartwatch bandwagon. 

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