There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Haier, a brand specialising in household products ranging from TVs and refrigerators, whom also recently debut affordable laptops to the Malaysian market as previously reported. Not limiting themselves to home appliances and a bit of tech related devices, it seems that the company continues to expand their reach by dabbling in places unexpected: Formula racing.

A home appliance company and formula racing. If your first thought was Haier tossing a washing machine to power up a race car… then you’d be correct, because that was exactly what they did. Well not blatantly, of course.


At a recent conference, Haier had announced their partnership with Craft-Bamboo Racing and showcased the Formula Haier race car prototype which is actually powered by a washing machine motor. The motor in question is a 28-36 Electromagnetic Direct Drive Motor from Haier which normally runs off a 230v AC supply.

Interestingly, the engineers of the Craft-Bamboo Racing team conducted in-depth tests on the Haier washing machine motor to test its output and were surprised to find out that it could emit 660 watts of power and 45 Nm of torque - ideal for a Formula race car. From there, the racing team converted the motor to run on a 12v car battery, and then designed and developed an aerodynamic streamlined body around it.

The result, of course, is the Formula Haier prototype - all prepped up to take pole position when it graces the racing circuit. Speaking of, when exactly will we be expecting that to happen? Unfortunately, both parties have not provided a response to when the Formula Haier would actually see action. Regardless, it’ll definitely be an interesting thing to witness when it eventually does hit the tarmac.