GoPro announces GoPro Drone

Yet another device to add to GroPro enthusiasts' arsenal

A GoPro Drone is currently in the works as founder and CEO Nick Woodman has confirmed in an interview. The company is currently developing a drone that has an in-built GoPro but there are no other details or information available other than it possibly being released in the first half of 2016.

The GoPro is known for its HD quality of videos and its durability, therefore fitting it onto a drone is currently practiced everywhere. Thus making a drone seems like a logical next step for the company. As GoPro already has social sharing tools, it makes it even easier to upload videos and share them on various social networks.

GoPro also announced GoPro for a Cause program which is designed for non-profit organisations which will provide technical, production financial and marketing support for non-profits.

[source : TechCrunch]