Google Maps' hefty update showers cyclists with extra love

Cyclists can now see and compare elevation on different routes and avoid unnecessary climbs
Google Maps gets hefty update and some extra cyclist love

Oh look, it's another Google Maps update. Android Police has taken a video and even uploaded the APK for the latest version of Maps that's coming to Android-powered phones.

This time, you'll really love it if you're a cyclist. Why so? Because it'll have elevation comparison. That might not be a big deal for drivers but for cyclists who need to expend extra effort to climb hills or steeper slopes, it makes the difference between a pleasurely ride and a knee-achingly painful journey.

Yes, you can ask your phone if you're there yet

What non-cyclists will embrace is the new, more interactive take on voice navigation. You can now interact with your Maps using voice commands but be prepared to enunciate clearly or risk confusing your app. Still, it's nice to be able to verbally ask your phone how much longer it'll take to get wherever you are.

Other features seen so far seem to be more cosmetic in nature. ETA for instance is no longer in bold, the Uber card shows up in the car tab, besides public transportation and walking. The voice icon will also now be seen in the search bar used to load Places. Speaking of Places, they now also appear in a slide-out navigation menu.

While the update should eventually be making its way to Android phones, you can just skip the wait and download the APK straight from Android Police. No news if and when these features will come to iOS.

In the meantime, you can read up about how Google Maps lets you know how long it takes to get somewhere on a dragon. We're not kidding.

[Source: Android Police]