Google Flight Search is the dream flight search bar you never knew existed

Forget Skyscanner and Expedia, this handy search function brings you the affordable flights the entire internet over

While searching for flights, people typically head to Skyscanner or Expedia to get the best deals. Bet you didn’t know that all this while, miracle worker Google has been hiding a dedicated flight search feature in its innards.

It used to be that you could google for flights which Google will then list in a handy table format, but now there’s even more. Head to Google Flight Search to kickstart your wanderlust. The landing page shows you the now familiar flight search bar that exists on all airline booking sites.

The difference here is that just like it’s been doing for ages, Google will trawl the entire web to bring you the choice picks of the day. So you don’t have to open twenty different tabs to compare prices and flight times, everything is there on one handy page with links to book the flights of your choice. You can further fine-tune results according to number of transits, price, times, duration, and even codeshare programmes, which is always helpful for mile-collecting frequent flyers. 

How does it compare?


Given Google’s ginormous database, Flight Search hones its search results so that it's ridiculously easy to navigate. Tap in your details, press search and results are generated almost instantaneously. It also tells you the type of plane if you're an aviation fanatic, the amount of legroom, and the type of in-flight facilities like connectivity and entertainment options you'll be getting. Even if you aren't familiar with the airline, you won't be in for a nasty surprise after you're redirected to its official site when it's booking time. 

Besides the cheapest fare suggestions, it also offers up further Best Flight recommendations that essentially give the best trade-offs of the different factors like duration and number of stops, so that you don’t get a dirt cheap flight that will take 20 hours longer than usual due to two different transits. Time is money after all.

Bear in mind that fares are in USD, but once you select them, they'll automatically be converted into your locale's currency. If the price still isn't right, you can tap on the "Lowest fares" icon to bring up the fare calendar. If you're flexible with your travel dates, this feature is a good way to get the best prices possible. 

I’m feeling lucky

If you’re feeling adventurous, or plain fickle, you can always input travel dates and departure airport, hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” to turn up suggestions based on popularity, search history and value. So you could very well chance upon a vacation that just needs to be taken because it’s such a good deal that it absolutely can’t be missed out on.

We got Hong Kong. Probably because we Google for dimsum joints on a far too regular basis. Now all someone needs to do is come up with an automated itinerary planner and holiday-planning wouldn't be so tiresome anymore. But hey, this is a welcome change.

Go on, try it out for yourself. You'll be thanking us and, of course, Google for all the time you save looking for flights.