Google brings the Giza pyramids to your door with Street View

A trip to Egypt that's fun, educational and mercifully free of sand
Google brings the Giza pyramids to your door with Street View

Google keeps giving us new reason to spend far too much time looking at its maps online. A new update is the addition of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt to its Street View feature.

What does that mean? Fun for all, of course. There's plenty to discover in Street view Egypt. With the Pyramids of Giza, there's the last ancient wonder of the world which is the Great Pyramid, the famed Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Djoser.

For more sightseeing fun, there's also the Google Cultural Institute's Egyptian Pyramid gallery that is the next best thing to going to an actual museum, with archival photos and drawings to look through.

Saving you a plane ticket

Besides the Great Pyramids of Giza, you can also explore the following locations in Street View Egypt:

The remarkable 360 degree imagery was captured using Google's Trekker camera and looking at the results, it's obvious that capturing the scenes must have been quite a daunting task.

Using the Google Street View car just wasn't an option of course in this case but the Trekker proved up to the task, with the added benefit of being able to leave less of a footprint behind while documenting the views.

As time marches on, it's been a challenge preserving these ancient landmarks with tourism both helping and hurting them. At the very least, at least these vistas will be captured digitally for the benefit of future generations and those too strapped for cash to see them in person.

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[Source: Engadget]