Go wild taking selfies Malaysia, here’s the touchless selfie app

The GoCam app by Crunchfish lets you use gestures to take a snap
Go wild taking selfies, here’s the touchless selfie app

If you’re a selfie, wefie, groufie, or any other “fie” fan, here’s something to make your lives a tad bit easier. A Swedish start-up has unveiled an app that lets you take your own selfie-centric snap without having to touch your smartphone.

Now, a selfie dedicated app isn’t new to the market – since taking selfies became the in-thing in society, app makers and companies alike have been churning out apps that assist us in our self-obsessed behaviour.

Introduced by Crunchfish, the GoCam app lets you take photos or videos of yourselves by using some pre-set hand gesture controls. You simply hold your hand out in front of the camera, then clench your fist to activate the timer. And it works from a distance too – Crunchfish says snaps can be triggered from a distance of up to 3m.  

The app also enables you to edit your images and immediately share them with your friends, just as Instagram does, with a set of filters, editing tools, and social media integration. 

Androids may be ahead of the game

But, the app’s only available for Apple devices (for now at least) maybe since it’s the first of its kind as far as iOS is concerned.

Besides, such gesture control features have already been built into some Android smartphones. One good example is the recently introduced LG G3, which pretty much operates the same way as GoCam does.

Although we’re seeing the feature get rolled out through this app and on a few Androids, it’s still in its infancy stage for mobile devices as compared to having it on more popular solutions such as Microsoft’s Kinect.

Crunchfish says the GoCam app is free for a limited period only and is now available on the Apple App Store. We predict it’s going to be a huge hit and it’s only going to be a matter of time before we see a mass of people gesture snapping. 

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