Garmin Malaysia Launches The vivomove Series Hybrid Smartwatches Starting At RM1250

The vivomove series smartwatches look just like any analogue timepieces, making it a fashionable accessory without sacrificing on the techs.

Garmin Malaysia has launched the the vivomove series of hybrid smartwatches. The series is broken down into three models namely the vivomove 3, vivomove 3S and vivomove Style. All vivomove smartwatches appears like any analogue timepiece, that is with real ticking hands and dial details. The smart features however, are hidden and require users to swipe or double tap to reveal the smart screen that shows health/fitness data, notifications, text messages, social updates, calendar info and etc.

In terms of general difference, the vivomove 3S is the smallest at 39mm in diameter for its display size while the vivomove 3 and vivomove Style features a larger 44mm and 42mm in diameter displays respectively. Both the vivomove 3S and 3 is equipped with hidden OLED smart screen while the vivomove Style has a hidden Colour AMOLED smart screen. The vivomove 3S and 3 uses fiber-reinforced polymer for its casing and the lens is made of chemically strengthened glass. Whereas, the vivomove Style uses anodised aluminium for its casing and domed Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the lens.

Colour options for the vivomove series are slightly limited in Malaysia. As such, the vivomove 3S comes in navy silicone band with rose gold hardware while the vivomove 3 comes in black silicone band with slate hardware. The vivomove Style has the most colour options at four different variations, which are: white silicone band with rose gold hardware, moss green silicone band with silver hardware, blush pink nylon band with light gold hardware and black pepper nylon band with slate hardware.

Last but not least, the vivomove hybrid smartwatches are available at all authorised Garmin retailers at the following prices:  

  • vivomove 3S (navy silicone band with rose gold) RM1250 

  • vivomove 3 (black silicone band with slate) RM1250 

  • vivomove Style (white silicone band with rose gold, and moss green silicone band with silver) RM1499 

  • vivomove Style (blush pink nylon band with light gold, and black pepper nylon band with slate) RM1750