Fully Charged: Apple TV's borked update released, FIFA 14 goes mobile,Adobe's new Adobe Elements 12, Samsung's SportsFlow app and BlackBerry buyout possible

Fresh tech updates to liven up sleepy afternoons
Apple TV

The fix that fixed the Apple update

Apple TV device

If you haven't updated your Apple TV or if the latest update broke things, then rejoice as the latest update's been cleaned up and (should) be working as expected.

Why update in the first place? Well, because of the new features - streaming from iTunes Radio as well as direct purchases from the iTunes Music Store, in addition to podcast syncing and streaming the videos you purchased straight from iTunes itself.

If you've just bought an Apple TV, check out our guide to ripping your Blu-Ray discs to watch videos on Apple's fun media player.

[Source: TheVerge]

Free-to-play FIFA 14 or the ultimate distraction

EA might have a mobile game winner with its free-to-play iteration of FIFA 14 for iOS and Android. Like its Madden 25 app, you can download FIFA 14 for free but there will be in-app purchases. Those in-app purchases include additional game modes like Manager and Tournament to keep you glued to your device.

The app might keep you occupied until the real PC/console deal reaches your gaming rig. Undecided about getting it? Then check out our FIFA 14 review.

[Source: Engadget]

Not all sunny now Adobe Elements 12 goes cloud

Adobe Elements 12

Adobe's just released its Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12, the more budget-friendly versions of their popular Photoshop and Premiere software.

Retailing for US$99.99 (RM320.17) each, the apps offer integration with the Revel photo hosting service, giving you 50 free uploads a month though you can get unlimited uploads for US$4.99 (RM15.98) a month. It offers a few tweaks as well as slightly amusing new features like the Pet Eye Correction. Really, Adobe?

[Source: TheVerge]

Samsung SportsFlow for the sports fans

If you're a sports news junkie, then Samsung has your number with its SportsFlow app that is a pretty slick stream of sports news collated from various sources including BBC, Yahoo!, Kick TV and BallBall. Expect lots of European football clips!

Samsung's release says the app is currently available for the GALAXY Note 8.0, GALAXY Tab 3 8.0 and GALAXY Note 10.1 on Google Play but will also be made available on Samsung Apps soonish.


BlackBerry headed for uncertain future, possible buyout


After announcing a loss of nearly US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion) last quarter, BlackBerry's future might just hinge on whether a buyout offer goes through.

Fairfax Financial Holdings, a Canadian insurance and investment company that already owns 10 per cent of BlackBerry shares, is leading a consortium that plans to buy the company for US$4.7 billion. That all depends on whether the consortium manages to raise the cash needed.

Things are looking grim for BlackBerry with its departure from the consumer space all but certain. Will it only be a matter of time when BlackBerry joins Palm as former successes turned mere dust in the annals of history? Stay tuned.

[Source: NYT]