Ford SYNC might dump Windows for BlackBerry's QNX

If it does, it'll be in good company
Ford SYNC might dump Windows for BlackBerry's QNX

Looks like BlackBerry does have some life in them after all. Ford is actually considering their QNX OS for use in their SYNC in-car system.

According to Bloomberg, sources within the company said that switching to QNX would be more cost effective and improve the speed and flexibility of the Sync system. 

It's not surprising that Ford is taking its in-car systems seriously. With 39 per cent of car buyers ticking in-vehicle technology as one of their top considerations when buying a car (based on an Accenture study), improving Sync will be a crucial stratgey for Ford. Besides, who wants an in-car system that might have the dreaded blue screen of death?

If Ford does switch over to the QNX OS, it’ll be in good company. Luxury-based automakers like BMW and Audi also use the QNX OS for their in-car systems with no complaints so far. 

Source: Bloomberg