Is a foldable phone in Oppo’s future?

Oppo is the latest smartphone company to apply for a folding phone patent

Oppo has just filed a patent for what looks like a foldable phone. This is new for the company but something that's picking up in the industry, and it means that in future we could see folding phones become the next battle arena, after edge-to-edge phones. 

Design paradigms

In terms of the design, the top portion of the phone will fold - think 25% to 35% of the display.

The folding happens not just forwards but backwards, which is interesting though this might just be because of the camera as a camera module is placed right on top.

A flexible camera that rotates to the front and back isn’t new and has been implemented in a different way by other manufacturers. But as part of the display? That’s a new approach for Oppo.

With Apple and Samsung also said to be working on future foldable phones and many related patents being filed, it looks like we can expect bendy phones in the future. Or it could just be patents that never actually materialise. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Source: GizmoChina]