Flappy Bird creator follows up with annoyingly addictive second effort Swing Copters

Warning: downloading this game might result in you dealing damage to your phone
Flappy Bird creator follows up with equally annoyingly difficult second effort S

Thought the killing of Flappy Bird was the most irritating thing the creator could do? You’re wrong. Meet Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen’s latest effort at pissing you off.

The background is similarly pixellated and your character, a propeller hat-wearing bird of some sort (do not ask us why a wing-equipped bird needs a propeller hat to fly) that looks vaguely familiar. Except this time, the game moves vertically instead of horizontally.

Once the game begins, the bird takes flight and you must tap to change its direction and navigate it through levels of swinging hammers. That's really all there is to it. Except that it's way more difficult than it sounds.

Sucker for punishment

Flappy Bird creator follows up with annoyingly addictive second effort Swing Cop

Apparently, more characters can be unlocked once you get medals. Unfortunately, we aren’t in the position to fill you in as the farthest we’ve gone is past the first level of hammer swinging, and that was by a stroke of luck accompanied by tons of cussing.

Once the bird-brain takes off, it will naturally gravitate towards doom so get ready for some frantic tapping and restraint when you eventually get mashed into pulp by a wild hammer. Remember not to hurl your phone at the wall. But as much as you hate it, you will want to play it. Over and over again till your fingers turn blue.

Swing Copters is free to download for both iOS and Android with an option to remove banner ads for US$0.99. Download it quick before the man changes his mind and pulls it from the store. 

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