5 reasons to take the LRT to go Pokémon Go hunting

If you're just starting out, the Malaysian LRT is a Pokémon Go trainer's best friend

You just installed Pokémon Go on your phone and found that your home or office is a Pokémon Go wasteland, with no Pokéstops or Pokémon anywhere? Take it from us: the LRT, particularly the Rapid KL Kelana Jaya line, is a great help for beginning trainers. Here's why you should hop on a train to catch 'em all.

1. Ingress players love the LRT

If you didn't know already, Pokémon Go was built on the back of another game Niantic Labs created: Ingress. Ingress was an exploration game that was heavily dependant on user-created content - landmarks were submitted by players and transformed by Niantic into portals for the game. 

A lot of the locations in Pokémon Go (not all, though) are reusing Ingress portals and landmarks; with LRT stops making frequent appearances in Ingress, it stands to reason they'd appear in Pokémon Go too. You can expect every LRT stop to have at the very least a Pokéstop, with many of them being Pokémon Go gyms. That means as you go on your journey, you'll be able to swipe on quite a few Pokéstops and collect Pokéballs as you go.

2. High traffic, high chances of Pokémon

Even if an area, say a suburb has a few Pokéstops, it's the more active and high traffic areas that will be good stomping grounds for Pokémon Go.

That's why you'll likely find a lot more Pokémon in areas such as KLCC Park or shopping malls than your neighbourhood, no matter how many Pokéstops the latter has.