First Impressions With The Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

The only gaming chair that is fit for a king.

It takes a lot for someone to build their ultimate gaming cave, while many are comfortable with a really good PC and a good gaming chair, there are some options that go above and beyond. The Predator Thronos gaming chair is unlike any gaming chair. It's more of a personalized gaming cocoon more than anything. It's not only a comfortable gaming chair that is fully reclinable and also has cupholders, but it also comes equipped with three 27-inch monitors, a Predator Orion 9000 desktop, gaming mouse and keyboard, and even a headset. All of these components are encapsulated into the Thronos. 

The Predator Thronos was officially unveiled at the Next@Acer IFA Berlin Global Press Conference in August of this year, and now 3 months later, we have tried this beast out for ourselves in Malaysia. Looking at the Thronos gaming chair might be intimidating at first, it looks like a cross between a first-class airline seat and a gaming rig. It looks straight out of a science fiction movie and kudos to Acer for designing something so futuristic. As you strap yourselves in, you know you're in for a ride.

As you take a seat, the keyboard slides in front of you and the 3 monitors lowers down towards you. There's a control panel on the left armrest, this allows you to recline the chair however you want, reposition the monitors and more. There's also 2 cupholders situated there, allowing you to store drinks or cup noodles. On the right armrest, there are 4 USB ports, allowing you to plug in headsets, controllers, or hard drives. Overall, this chair is designed for maximum comfort. As with the performance of the Thronos itself as a gaming rig, it plays really well. Not only does it display games really nicely across all three screens, but the immersion of it all is definitely enhanced with the haptic feedback and vibrations that correspond to the actions of the game. Having the entire chair vibrate through the game really puts you into the game.

Overall, the Thronos is a gaming chair fit for those who would want to pamper themselves while they game, as well as escape from all earthly tethers and fully immerse into the game. Acer is making two units of this exclusive Predator Thronos available in Malaysia, complete with delivery, set up and warranty for a year. This entire package will be priced at MYR 56,999.00.