Firefox OS comes to Japan in a shiny, blingy LG-made package

Forget budget phones, KDDI wants to make a big splash with this one
Firefox OS comes to Japan in a shiny, blingy LG-made package

While Firefox OS has been quietly making itself known in the lower-budget, mass market segment in countries like India and Indonesia, it's going a different direction in Japan. Company KDDI has teamed up with LG to create a one-of-a-kind phone that isn't super expensive while not being very heavy on the specs either.

Why would you want a phone with middling specs and running on a niche smartphone OS? The Fx0 (yes, that's the name. No, we're not quite sure how we pronounce that) is running on much better specs than the reference design Firefox OS shipped with, running a dual-core processor instead of a single-core but still puts it in the range of entry-level Android phones.

Rose gold wonder

Firefox OS comes to Japan in a shiny, blingy LG-made package

What does stand out, though, is the chassis. It's a pretty rose gold that is semi transparent; pretty eyecatching though not quite reaching the realm of tacky. It certainly is a darn sight less dull to look at compared to Samsung's attempt at rose gold and makes you not want to put a case on as it's certainly flashy enough to show off.

Apart from the bling, the phone also has KDDI's own little Web server function. The phone basically can create a simple local area network by connecting with other Fx0s. Pretty neat. It is currently also the first and only Firefox OS phone to have 4G LTE.

Other things of note - it also comes with Japanese text support, thanks to a collaboration with Omron software. Now this would be a nice souvenir to bring home from Japan, if you can get a hold of it. It will be sold in limited quantities in KDDI stores and online from Dec 25 onwards, with full release happening Jan 6 next year. The price has yet to be announced. We're guessing it'll hover somewhere around the mid-tier range of Android phones.

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[Source: KDDI]