Facebook lets Instagrammers snoop in new HQ for your prying pleasure

Swinging teepees, rooftop park, Facebook’s spanking new digs got them all and more

First of all, you should know that Facebook’s new mothership is designed by renowned architect of strange structures - Frank Gehry.

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to the inside. The building opened for official business today, but before that, Facebook let a select group of Instagrammers run wild to bring us square photos of the inside. The place has been described as one giant room that’s supposed to reflect Facebook’s open culture.

Codenamed MPK 20, the building is a sprawling space of organised chaos and quirky art in the form of a mosaic wall and several corners that look like they detonated rainbows in. In a show of support for local talent, Facebook also commissioned 15 Bay Area talents to create original artwork for its interior. 

Its crowning glory? A green roof that doubles up as a park for Facebook worker ants to relax when the going gets too tough. Good move, Facebook, but we think it’s missing campfire pits and artistically arranged hammocks.

Main image: Shali

[Source: Gizmodo and Fastcodesign]

Stairway to heaven

Mosaic wall