Drop everything and download: ShopandBox

A personal shopper service for hard-to-get items

Ever felt frustrated that something you wanted didn't ship to your country? Then ShopandBox might just be the app you're looking for.

A free download, the app hooks you up with personal shoppers who will get your objects of desire to you for a reasonable fee.

How does it work?

First you download the app, then you apologise to your credit card/bank account and then proceed to create an order.

In your order, you can specify exactly what item you are looking for and once you've put up the order, it will be assigned to a shopper.

Then it's a matter of waiting for a confirmation that someone is willing to purchase the item and send it over to you. Once an order is confirmed, it's just a matter of paying and waiting.

What's in it for me?

Unlike one of those dropship services, you will have a more tailored personal shopper experience. Your shopper can even recommend items to you, like a real personal shopper.

These concierges of sorts (called Boxers) will also check your packages, photograph them and repackage them as necessary. Some people might appreciate feeling as though they're dealing with an individual shopper instead of a less personal-feeling service.

As for the rates, a 10-14 per cent payment for your Boxer's time isn't terribly expensive either.

I'm sold. Where do I go?

You can either shop direct via the Shopandbox website or just download the app for free.

Download ShopandBox from the App Store

Download ShopandBox from Google Play