Dragon Quest's Mobile Game Is Similar to Pokemon GO

Square Enix's answer to the popular Niantic mobile game is open for Beta testing on 11 June 2019

Square Enix has recently announced its own AR exploration game called Dragon Quest Walk. The game will include challenges to visit real-world locations in order to complete quests, much like the popular game Pokemon GO. Details of the gameplay isn't clear but it is speculated that the game will feature a mix of battling monsters in turn-based combat and decorating your own virtual room with items collected through challenges and quests.

Beta test on the 11 June 2019 is open for registration here, with 20,000 places split evenly between iOS and Android users. Quests are oriented around local landmarks but localization outside of Japan has yet to be confirmed.

Since Pokemon Go became a worldwide sensation after its launch in 2016, it has spawned various imitators. WB Games even hired the game's original developer, Niantic, to create a Harry Potter-themed AR exploration game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.