Despair, oh ye Android fanboys, because you'll be hooked on Hearthstone

World of Warcraft might be fading but Blizzard's now stealing your attention on Android smartphones and tablets
Android users can now too waste time on Hearthstone

Despite only being available for the iPad, Blizzard's Hearthstone card game has become pretty popular. Cue the questions about when it will come to Android. Well, the answer to that is now.

Blizzard has decided that it will only, again, only support the game on tablets 6-inches and larger. So that cheap Android tablet you got on Groupon that you have no idea what to do with? You can just download Hearthstone and make it (somewhat) useful.

Blizzard's new crackfest

While the game has only soft-launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, you could just be lucky and get the game running on your machine as it is slowly rolling it to other countries.

What does Hearthstone entail anyway? It's a deckbuilder basically - choose a class you like and then fight against other class-themed decks. You can either fight AI opponents or you can have fun beating up strangers.

The basic game and deck is free but Blizzard has rolled out a few expansions with the latest being Goblins vs Gnomes that adds more cards for a minimum fee. What might appeal to Hearthstone players is that since the game is linked to your Blizzard account, you can play on your PC, move to your iPad and now then continue playing on your Android device.

While the basics of the game is easy, the deckbuilding aspect to create the best and most competitive deck can be tiresome for those not into the min-maxing that goes into these games. If you think calculating the best ratio of how many cards of Card A you need  just in case you happen to encounter Card B is fun, you will love Hearthstone.

Give Hearthstone a try for free on Google Play.

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[Source: Androidcentral]