Soon Anyone Can Start Podcasting On Spotify

The company is testing out a “create podcast” button.

Spotify’s reach as a platform is global and not just for the myriad of pop and indie hits that they host on their service. Podcasts have become the new hotness these days, with there being a podcast about any subject by anyone from celebrities to the average joe. And now, Spotify is making it even easier for any average Spotify user to start their own podcast.

Spotify is testing out a “create podcast” button on their podcast tab in the Spotify app, which will direct the user to one of the company’s latest acquisitions, Anchor, a podcast recording app. Anchor allows for anyone to start podcasting straight from the mics on their smartphones, and this new integration to Spotify will allow this podcast recordings to go straight on the popular music streaming app.

This new integration between the two apps was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a notable code leaker for apps. Spotify’s modus operandi seems to be to allow as many podcasts on the platform as possible, with the previous method of getting a podcast on the platform meant that you had to make a proper pitch and application to Spotify to be reviewed and approved.

Expect this new feature to hit Spotify soon! If you are keen on starting podcasting, download the Anchor app as well before the feature comes to Spotify. Let’s see if the next big podcast star will come out of this new endeavour.