Console OS will let you run Android on any Windows PC or tablet

Kickstarter project is totally rebuilding Google’s operating system for full-fat computers
Console OS will let you run Android on any Windows PC or tablet

Ever wondered what Android would look like as a full-on PC operating system? If Console OS reaches its full funding goal on Kickstarter, you may not have to wait long to find out.

What creators Mobile Media Ventures want to do is to create an entirely new user experience for Android (much like, say, HTC’s Sense does for HTC phones) designed with “proper” desktop and laptop computers (as well as Intel tablets, which only run Windows) in mind.

Console OS will take Android apps and games and scale them up to PC display resolutions and processor capabilities. It’s not so much intended as a replacement for Windows but an alternative, available via dual-booting. So Windows PC and tablet users will be able to quickly switch over to Android if they want to play a game or run an app.

There are homebrew Android platforms available, but according to Mobile Media Ventures none of them will run with the stability of Console OS. It doesn’t even need a multi-touch screen to run – they’ve built it to work with just mouse and keyboard input too. And you don’t even have to install it on your computer’s hard disk, because it can run entirely off an external USB hard drive.

The Console OS campaign is seeking a total of US$50,000 in funding, and with 59 days to go looks set to do that. All you need to contribute if you want your own copy Pro copy of the platform is US$10, then wait for them to release it – December 2014 is the projected date for that.

[Via Kickstarter]