Coming soon: Oppo's F1s, Oppo's next selfie-focused phone

New phone is a successor to its current Oppo F1

Oppo's just announced it's releasing the Oppo F1s in August, a successor to its current popular flagship selfie phone, the Oppo F1.

The company has released few details about the phone besides say that it will "carry on the F1's legacy of superb photography, sleek design and snappy performance" but also "adding new features and taking others to new heights". Translate that market speak and basically Oppo's saying the Oppo F1s will have better specs, and still be very camera-focused.

What the current Oppo F1 has going for it is a very price-friendly alternative for people who take selfies for the most part. Running on a Snapdragon 616 and 3GB of RAM, it has a 13MP camera in the back with an 8MP f/2.0 front cam with a screen flash for better selfies.

We'll probably see a processor upgrade, perhaps more RAM and an upgraded camera sensor. More details once the phone officially debuts in August.