Clear helps you clean up your Twitter tracks

Sometimes your Twitter past can haunt you

It's a scary new world out there; you could get fired and hired on the basis of what you put out on social media. Ethan Czahor lost his high-profile job as Jeb Bush's CTO because of some old Tweets and so he's now helping people avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Embarrassing Tweets no more

The Clear app will analyse your social network posts, using algorithms that work using IBM's Watson supercomputer. 

What happens then is that it flags posts that could be problematic and gives you the option of deleting them. While the algorithm still needs some fine-tuning, it does make effort to flag things like curse words, racially loaded Tweets and help you keep everything nice and kosher for your future employers.

Just visit the Clear website to signup if you feel intrigued or think you need help cleaning up your Twitter feed. The app is currently in private beta and we're betting Clear will likely be a paid download.

[Source: Techcrunch]