Citroen Unveils Ami One Electric Car Concept

This new electrical vehicle might change the way we use and own cars.

Car companies everywhere are taking steps to adapt to the future, where fossil fuels aren’t used to power our cars anymore and is considered passe. As more services like AirBnb and Uber  becoming more popular around the world, it’s apparent that people are more willing to share commodities through an app-based service. Citroen hopes to tap into this market with their Ami One electric car concept.

The Ami One looks like a tiny SUV, designed to be small and compact enough to be an alternative to the current usage of electric bikes and scooters in major cities around the world. The vehicle can seat a driver and a passenger, has a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, and inside, the car is outfitted with bluetooth speakers and wireless charging for smartphones.

The service that is backing up the Ami One will allow users to book their a vehicle for a couple of hours, or up to months at a time through its own specialised app. From there, Ami Counters will be the place to pick up and return the vehicle after use. The cars will not have keys, but will instead unlock through special QR codes.

Overall, the car is still a concept for now and might not see the light of day anytime soon. It is however a neat concept and it would be cool to see these tiny cars being a form of transportation. With its low speed, one might not even need a license to actually drive it, making it an easy way to get around when you’re travelling in a foreign country. We hope to see more of the Ami One concept car soon.